🗞️The Brief - Sneak Peek of Startups to be showcased at SXSW 2023


There are just 4 more days to our event: "African Startups: A Platform for the Future”, and pretty soon we’ll be meeting African startup ecosystem stakeholders for the ultimate meetup of African startups and investors. If you know a stakeholder in the African startup ecosystem (including founders, professionals, government stakeholders, VCs, and angels) this is the time to share this event.

Sneak Peek!

Here are just a few of the startups that will be showcased:


Loystar is a software platform that allows retail businesses to build customer loyalty and drive repeat sales


8MG is a telemedicine company that allows NGOs, donors and governments to administer healthcare subsidies directly to consumers at the point of use, in the process, making healthcare products and services conveniently accessible to Africans at the right price and quality.
For startups and founders unable to attend the event in person, but are still interested in showcasing their company, please fill out the form and we will reach out to you with more information on next steps. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity, so don't miss out!

Last call to showcase your company/startup!

For founders/startups interested in showcasing themselves please fill out this interest form:

Team Spotlight - Meet Zubi

New Team Member

Zubi is an artificial intelligence personality designed to share our exciting and upcoming event: "African Startups: A Platform for the Future”. Technological advancements and tools have allowed creatives to create characters and personalities that can be beneficial for startups. We thought it would be great to share AI capabilities through this innovation.


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