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Written by Adebayo Nathaniel and Ukeme Daniel
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Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter!

In this Edition
  • Upcoming Founders Hangout in July
  • We Revamped our Instagram
  • Launching 'Products We Admire'
  • Highlights from our 2023 African Innovation Symposium
  • Reintroducing Beta Mode
  • Collaborative opportunities with The Beta Collective
  • All the ways you can connect with us

African + Black Founder Hangout this July in Houston

Join us for a relaxed networking event designed to bring together African and Black founders for an evening of connection, collaboration, and community. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, share your journey, and unwind in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Everyone gets a chance to introduce their companies or projects they are working on, so we can make deeper connections and discover ways in which we can exchange value with fellow attendees.

What to Expect:

  • Networking: Connect with fellow founders and entrepreneurs from the African and Black communities and expand your professional network.
  • Inspiring Conversations: Share your experiences, challenges, and successes in a supportive environment that fosters growth and collaboration.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Enjoy a laid-back evening with great company, delicious drinks, and light bites in a vibrant setting.
  • Community Building: Strengthen your network and build lasting relationships with other passionate founders. Discover potential collaborators, mentors, and partners.
  • Showcase Opportunities: Highlight your ventures, share your achievements, and get valuable feedback from your peers.

Come join us for a night of meaningful connections and inspiring conversations.

Whether you're looking to expand your network, find potential collaborators, or simply enjoy the company of fellow founders.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a vibrant and supportive community.

➡ Register Here on Eventbrite ⤵

African + Black Founder Hangout
Join us for meaningful connections and inspiring conversations. Expand your network, find collaborators, and enjoy hanging out with peers.

We hope to see you there!

🌟We Revamped our Instagram🌟

We have redesigned our Instagram page, stop by and show us some love. Follow us to get the most out of the community.

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🌟 Products We Admire 🌟

We are launching a new section in our newsletter "Products We Admire," brought to you by The Beta Collective.

In this segment, we'll spotlight innovative and groundbreaking products that are making waves in their respective industries. From cutting-edge technology to beautifully designed everyday items, we celebrate the creativity and ingenuity that drive the market forward.

We would like to feature products from our community, if you are interested in being featured, please shoot us a message.

Join us as we explore the stories behind these remarkable products and the visionary minds who bring them to life.

🎊 Our 2023 African Innovation Symposium

In case you missed it....

🌟 Reintroducing Beta Mode - Our Podcast 🌟

Beta Mode is a podcast focused on entrepreneurship and product building in the African ecosystem. We explore the nonglamorous side of product building and learn more about the strategies and creative processes involved.

Our behind-the-scenes approach gives us unique insights and access to learn more about the processes and strategies involved in product and company building.

In each episode, we uncover the untold stories and hard-earned lessons from founders, innovators, and industry leaders who are shaping the future of Africa’s startup landscape. Our unique approach provides invaluable insights into the real-world challenges and triumphs of building products and companies from the ground up.

We invite founders and entrepreneurs across the African ecosystem to join us on Beta Mode. Share your journey, showcase your innovations, and inspire others by featuring in our podcast—for free. This is your opportunity to contribute to a growing community of innovators, and help us celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship that is transforming Africa.

Our Beta Mode Podcast Host: Seun Romiluyi, PhD. Seun is a machine learning researcher who is passionate about providing solutions to complex and meaningful problems. He has a strong desire to awaken the hidden potential of the African startup ecosystem.

Here's the latest episode (Available on all platforms)

🌟 Opportunities 🌟

Advertise with us: If you would like to advertise opportunities (currently free 👀!) please contact us!

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