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Written by Ukeme Daniel
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This Episode of Beta Mode

Meet Lofty Inc's COO Lydia Edem

🎤 Lydia Edem on Investing in Africa’s Future

In the latest episode of Beta Mode, host Seun interviews Lydia Edem, the Chief Operating Officer of Lofty Inc. Capital Management, a pioneering African venture capital firm. Lydia shares her unconventional career path, starting as a developer during the dotcom bubble, transitioning into academia as a professor, and ultimately finding her way into the venture capital space.

Key Highlights

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Discovery: Finding promising investments is a major challenge, especially in emerging ecosystems. Lofty Inc. differentiates itself through strong local presence and extensive networking.
  • Insurance and Healthcare: Lydia identifies insuretech and healthtech as emerging sectors with significant growth potential in Africa, predicting they will attract more funding and success in the near future.

Personal Motivation:

  • Inspiration: Lydia is driven by a desire to see Africa thrive and to showcase the continent's potential. Her dedication to investing in African entrepreneurs and fostering economic development is rooted in her personal connection to Nigeria and her broader vision for Africa.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

  • Persistence: Lydia underscores the importance of persistence for entrepreneurs, especially in Africa where the business environment can be challenging.
  • Surround Yourself with Great People: She advises entrepreneurs to build a strong support network of talented and supportive individuals to navigate the difficult journey of building a business.

Future Vision:

  • Premier VC Firm: Lydia envisions Lofty Inc. evolving into one of the premier VC firms in Africa, capable of supporting companies through various stages of growth and ultimately leading them to IPO.

Listen Here:


Beta Mode is a podcast focused on entrepreneurship and product building in the African ecosystem. We explore the nonglamorous side of product building and learn more about the strategies and creative processes involved.

🌟 Products We Admire 🌟

The Unseen Revolution: M-KOPA’s Quest to Electrify Africa

In a continent where over 600 million people live without reliable electricity, M-KOPA is not just selling solar panels; it is lighting the path to a brighter, more equitable future. Since its inception in 2012, M-KOPA has leveraged mobile technology to offer pay-as-you-go solar energy solutions, impacting millions of lives across East Africa.

assorted-color textiles hanged beside concrete buildings
Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada / Unsplash

A Business Model Rooted in Accessibility

M-KOPA’s innovative approach addresses a fundamental barrier: affordability. By enabling customers to pay for solar systems through micro-payments over mobile networks, M-KOPA has democratized access to renewable energy. This strategy taps into the widespread use of mobile money services in Africa, blending technology with financial inclusivity.

The company’s model allows households to make daily payments equivalent to what they would spend on kerosene, making the transition to solar energy seamless and financially viable. After approximately a year of payments, customers own their solar systems outright, achieving energy independence.

Impact Beyond Illumination

M-KOPA’s influence extends far beyond providing light. Access to solar energy has enabled children to study after dark, improved health outcomes by reducing reliance on harmful kerosene lamps, and fostered economic growth by powering small businesses. Additionally, the company’s platform has expanded to include smartphones, televisions, and energy-efficient appliances, further enhancing the quality of life for its customers.

A Visionary Leadership

At the helm of M-KOPA are co-founders Jesse Moore, Chad Larson, and Nick Hughes, whose diverse expertise spans technology, finance, and mobile payments. Their combined vision has propelled M-KOPA to the forefront of the African energy market, driving a mission that intertwines profitability with profound social impact.

Challenges and Opportunities

M-KOPA’s journey has not been without challenges. Operating in regions with underdeveloped infrastructure, the company has had to innovate continually, from refining its mobile payment systems to ensuring product durability in varied climatic conditions. However, these challenges have also presented opportunities for growth and adaptation, positioning M-KOPA as a resilient and dynamic force in the renewable energy sector.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, M-KOPA aims to deepen its market penetration and expand its product offerings. With the looming threat of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions, M-KOPA’s role is more critical than ever. The company’s model is being studied and replicated in other parts of the world, underscoring its potential to influence global energy access strategies.

In celebrating M-KOPA, we recognize a beacon of innovation and hope—a testament to how technology, when thoughtfully applied, can bridge gaps and transform lives. M-KOPA’s story is not just about solar panels; it’s about powering a continent’s dreams, one household at a time.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the visionaries and innovations shaping Africa’s future.

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What to Expect:

  • Networking: Connect with fellow founders and entrepreneurs from the African and Black communities and expand your professional network.
  • Inspiring Conversations: Share your experiences, challenges, and successes in a supportive environment that fosters growth and collaboration.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Enjoy a laid-back evening with great company, delicious drinks, and light bites in a vibrant setting.
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